As with many people who’ve played WoW for a long time, I often have plenty I want to say about the game. Sometimes, I’ve wished I’ve had somewhere to talk at length about it rather than on my guild forum or by replying to threads on sites like WoWinsider. As a couple of my friends feel the same, this was the reason I started this blog.

I am a female player who is, let’s say, beyond the first flush of youth. I’m a writer, so I like a big canvas to express my views rather than the sound bite of a forum thread response.

I’ve been guild leader of our guild since I joined the game not long after it was first released. We’ve experienced many highs and lows, but as we’re a core group of friends who originally came over from another MMO we’ve survived the dramas and calamities that other people have sometimes brought to our door and are still going strong. Of the three of us contributing to this blog, Sage and me are founder members of the guild, and Gyzarah joined us during The Burning Crusade, and has been our progression team raid leader for quite a few years now.

As well as playing WoW, we often dip our toes into the waters of other MMOs. Sage and I are still playing Rift sporadically.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts and that we can have some interesting discussion of the game. As you will see from the first article I post, I do not countenance or tolerate bad manners, so anyone being a jerk will be subject to the editorial eraser.