It seems Blizzard has heeded the laments and cries over the gaining of reputation with the various factions in Pandaria. Well,thanks, Blizz. In patch 5.1 my alts will bleed less. But really it seems to me the plan was a bit rubbish from the start. No one, I’m sure, really minds grinding rep at an acceptable level. With Mists it became an utter shit storm of rep grinds with all the downsides I’ve listed previously, i.e. as a recap too many players, too few mobs, bad drop rates. Rather than nerf the whole system, why couldn’t Blizzard have rethought a bit, and instituted a system whereby we got the same paltry 1200 rep or whatever it is per faction per day, but for *fewer* quests. If it was just 3 or 4 like the August Celestials, it wouldn’t be such a time sink. I really don’t think players would find this so much of a headache as the multiple quests we get for certain factions with miserable rep gain we see now. I like the idea of gating factions, and I really don’t mind if it takes a while (we have 2 years of this xpac after all, whatever they say to the contrary), but for those with limited time to play, go easy on them. Make the quests give more rep gain but give fewer of them. If we must undergo the whole mushan tongue pain (Klaxxi quest) make that only one quest of four. I did that quest again today. After killing nearly 2 dozen  mushans who lacked tongues, I said to myself, ok if the next mushan has no tongue, I’m abandoning this quest. Then the next bastard did have a tongue. So I felt obliged to carry on and get 4.  There were 3 other players in the area going for the same. It’s no good saying ‘well team with others for your quests’; the others today were Horde, It’s just a blessing they weren’t flagged for Pvp given the frenzy of trying to tag mushans once they spawned.

Anyway here is my wishlist:

Fewer dailies per faction but for same rep gain

Better drop rate on mobs who give quest items

Better respawn rates in the admittedly few areas where it’s bad

Quest item drops shared by all in a team (some say this is already there but not seen it)

Awareness of how many sodding players are going to be in an area and for the gods’ sake don’t even*think* about cross realm for Pandaria yet. (We know inevitably it will come eventually).

Pet battles: be more generous with the spawns given how many realms are competing for them in one space.