I’ve already had it ‘up to here’ with dailies in Mists. It started off fairly benignly, as if soft-footed maidens wafted over to me in Shrine of the Seven Stars and whispered to me about farms and cloud serpents. To be fair, Tillers and Order of the Cloud Serpent were fine. I didn’t suffer any undue pain (other than that hideous monkey cave for the Cloudies, but we won’t mention that). But then… Golden Lotus. The name itself conjures images of serenity, balmy sunlight and peace. Surely these dailies will be nothing more than setting forth upon a gilded barge upon a gilded lake, trailing my hand in the water to catch the enchanted fish that leap eagerly to my touch.

Not Quite.

Other players are involved. While the dailies themselves, unto themselves, are not that bad (most anyway), it’s as usual other people who turn the whole experience into a disaster. There are just too many of them. I really don’t mind actually doing the dailies, and I accept they are optional. You don’t even need revered with every faction in order to raid. The game has been designed so you can start raiding without; a couple of those faction pieces just help a bit. The daily quest option is clearly also for people who can’t stand raiding, so they get a chance for nice gear as well. That’s utterly commendable. But that said, I do think Blizzard hasn’t got it right with the mechanics of the dailies. As I’ve said before, too few mobs, too few drops, plus too many players = meltdown. Would it really hurt for every Mushan in Dread Wastes to have a tongue, for example? Today, I slaughtered dozens of the things, thigh deep in a veritable abattoir of Mushan corpses, in order to get my four. Dozens of other players were trying as well. Seriously, it could have been a skinner’s paradise, only some players have got so jaded and mean with the whole experience, they refuse to loot, so the corpses are unskinnable. While the bison of Pandaria were left to rot in the rain, players were hovering red-eyed seeking a spawn to kill. Spot one and everyone homed in. Fabulous. One tongue per kill would be good, or even one tongue per three kills. Please Blizzard. It’s not that hard, surely, and will it really alter the game that much, other than making players less angry?

Then you have quests where it’s necessary to fight some mobs in order to get to your objective, which is handy for another player who can nip in and steal what you need while you’re fighting. That’s not great, is it? There are several quests like this.

I appreciate that the introduction of these dailies makes the factions relevant and pertinent to the game, and everyone will know who they are. I personally don’t think that rep should just be gained by wearing a tabard in a dungeon, but for the sake of the August Celestials, is it really necessary to punish players unnecessarily while doing dailies by making them needlessly frustrating and time-consuming? Many have limited time to play. I can spend hours a night (if I so opted) doing the dailies for all the factions, not because the quests are hard, but simply because of the sheer amount of other people trying to doing them too. I can’t remember Molten Front at its most frenetic being this frustrating. I have opted, more sensibly, to work on one of the busy factions at a time. That includes Golden Lotus, Klaxxi and Shado Pan. Inexplicably, the August Celestial dailies are utterly benign, sharable by whoever’s there and over in minutes. So anyone can do those and have plenty of time for more. I assume this is because we’re supposed to regard the AC as well, august and celestial – thanks for the painless dailies, your honours, we appreciate it!

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a moan about the existence of the new dailies. I actually think they’re a great idea. What isn’t a great idea is herding massive amounts of people together into a small space and making them fight over very limited resources.  Despite the hostility this engenders, it just wastes everyone’s time. What these dailies must be like on a PvP realm I just cannot imagine. No, I really don’t want to imagine…. Blizzard, please let people get their four Mushan tongues with a reasonable amount of kills, so there are fewer players after them at a time. Let all the quests be like that. I really can’t understand why this wasn’t implemented from the start. Unless, of course, it’s deliberate that a player should spend two and a half hours on one set of dailies (me, the other evening on Klaxxi). Well, that definitely is one way to make the content last longer, isn’t it? Whether people will remain to stomach it is another matter.